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Telehealth ROCKS Project Team

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Eve-Lynn Nelson, PhD

Principal Investigator, Provider, Psychologist

Dr. Eve-Lynn Nelson of the University of Kansas-Medical Center is a psychologist whose responsibilities include project implementation management, budget management, coordination of evaluation team, and performance of evaluation section.  She also serves as the Behavioral Pediatrics lead on the ECHO project and oversee behavioral pediatrics services over telemedicine. She oversees department of Pediatrics residents, Psychology Intern, and Psychology Graduate Student participation. She leads the Co-Is in exploring options to increase the availability of specialty DB services over telemedicine.


Skylar Bellinger, PhD

Co-Investigator, Provider, Psychologist

Dr. Skylar Bellinger of the University of Kansas Medical Center is a psychologist who focuses on behavioral family therapy for children with developmental disabilities. Through her work on the grant, she has piloted an innovative form of internet delivered Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), with support from local community agencies. Dr. Bellinger has also directed the content and planning of recent ECHO educational series, as she has a passion for capacity building and training.

Fun Fact: Dr. Bellinger has been skydiving (a long time ago)!

19_Cain, Sharon.jpg

Sharon Cain, MD

Co-Investigator, Provider, Child Psychiatrist

Dr. Sharon Cain of the University of Kansas Medical Center is a pediatric psychiatrist whose responsibility includes working in conjunction with the PI to achieve all project aims. She also serves as the Child Psychiatry lead on the ECHO project and oversee child psychiatry services over telemedicine.  She oversees child psychiatry trainee participation in project activities.

LHeitzman-Powell Professional Photo 2017

Linda Heitzman-Powell, PhD, MPH

Co-Investigator, Provider, Parenting/Behavioral Analyst

Dr. Linda Heitzman-Powell of the University of Kansas Medical Center is Co-I who works in conjunction with the PI to achieve all project aims. She also serves as the Behavioral Analysis/Parenting lead on the ECHO project and oversees behavior analysis/parent training services over telemedicine.  She oversees behavioral analysis trainee participation in activities. 

Davis, Ann Peds 2017.jpg

Ann Davis, PhD, MPH, ABPP

Co-Investigator, Provider, Pediatric Psychologist

Dr. Ann Davis of the University of Kansas-Medical Center is a psychologist who focuses on cognitive-behavioral approaches with school-age children, with particular interest in improving health habits (nutrition, physical activity) among rural children and families, and in improving oral eating among children who are tube fed.  

Fun Fact: Ann enjoys traveling with her two teenage sons and her husband to a warm beach any chance she get!

Kathryn Ellerbeck.jpg

Kathryn Ellerbeck, MD, MPH, FAAP

Co-Investigator, provider, Developmental Pediatrician

Dr. Kathryn Ellerbeck of the University of Kansas Medical Center is a developmental pediatrician who works in conjunction with the PI across all aims. She serves as the Child Development lead on the ECHO project and oversee child development services over telemedicine.  She oversees LEND trainee participation in activities. She serves as the primary liaison with the TASN teams.

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Leni Swails, PhD

Provider, Psychologist, CARE Facilitator, PCIT Level 1 Trainer

Dr. Swails is a psychologist and Assistant Professor specializing in interventions for young children with disruptive behaviors, as well as the evaluation and treatment of autism spectrum disorder.  She is certified in Parent Child Interaction Therapy, a parent-training intervention for young children, and trains others in this practice as well. ​


Fun Fact: Dr. Swails is an avid hiker and walker, and has been commuting by walking since 2015.  No small “feat” in Kansas City!


Alice Zhang, PhD, BCBA, LBA

Postdoctoral Fellow, Licensed Behavior Analyst

Dr. Alice Zhang of the University of Kansas-Medical Center's clinical and research interest focuses on using behavioral approach to help children with autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental disabilities with skill acquisition and challenging behavior reduction, in addition to parent training and using telehealth to increase service access to families. 

Fun Fact: Dr. Zhang's official first name is "E" and that's not short for anything.


Chandra Gordon, LMSW

Project Manager

Chandra Gordon of the University of Kansas Medical Center is a licensed Master Level Social Worker with an extensive background in community based health care, mental and behavioral health, facilitation/training, program development, and community advocacy.


Michele Utt, MPA

Program Manager

Michele Utt of the University of Kansas-Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics focuses on using telehealth and telebehavioral strategies to provide services to students in rural areas of Kansas with difficulty accessing care in behavioral health via traditional in person visits. She also organizes and develops ECHO sessions for providers at KU Medical Center. Michele has a passion for serving children and families as well as considerable experience in infant toddler development.

Fun Fact: Michele serves on the board of the Missouri Association of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (MOAIMH-EC). 


Robert Stiles, MA, MPH

Program Manager

Robert Stiles has extensive experience with primary medical, dental, and behavioral health services in the community setting. He has a Masters in Public Health from the University of Kansas School of Medicine. He is particularly interested in the provision of health care services in rural and frontier areas and school-based clinics and services.


Vanessa Snyder, MA, LPC

Project Coordinator

Vanessa Snyder coordinates with spoke site telemedicine facilitators to schedule telehealth appointments and ensure all appropriate documentation is collected. She is also a licensed counselor and a parent coach for the OASIS Parent Training service.

Fun Fact: Inspired by her years living in Hawaii, Vanessa is currently teaching herself how to play the ukulele.


Ashley McGrath

Pediatric Grant Specialist

Ashley McGrath provides pre- and post-award support to Researchers within the department of Pediatrics at the University of Kansas Medical Center. She loves spending time with her husband and three children and vacations at the beach.


Anna Nicole Aniel, BS

Graduate Research Assistant

Anna Nicole is a graduate student in Speech-Language Pathology. She assists towards research evaluation as well as works with the team regarding other projects such as ECHO Educational Series, Quality Improvement Projects, the Network newsletter, and the Tool Kit. 

Fun Fact: Anna Nicole's first ever job was a high school teacher soon after completing her Bachelor's degree.


Ilana Engel, BA

Graduate Research Assistant

Ilana is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program at KU. She is interested in how telebehavioral health is implemented in communities across the state and works with the team on research and quality improvement project needs. Outside of Telehealth ROCKS, she is also interested in aging, chronic conditions, and mental health. 

Fun Fact: Ilana has a soft spot for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 11.21.45

Annaleis Giovanetti, MA

Graduate Research Assistant

Annaleis is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program at KU. She is interested in the implementation of telebehavioral health services and increasing access to evidence-based treatment. She works with the Telehealth ROCKS team on research and quality improvement projects, with additional interests in multifaceted preventative and treatment interventions for depression.


Stephanie Punt, MA

Graduate Research Assistant

Stephanie is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program at KU. She is interested in the implementation, sustainment, and access of telebehavioral services across the region. She also assists in supporting rural health teams during COVID-19. She has additional interests in the development and implementation of healthy lifestyle interventions in the context of chronic illness. 


Fun fact: Stephanie plays the harp.

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